“Kattie has developed the logical and practical processes for those on the
path to intuitive mastery and successful business development.”

– Adrianna Jaramillo



I’m Kattie and I stand for a world that is kind, compassionate, abundant and united. By guiding empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people to discover the power in their sensitive nature, I’m watching our world become just that. By combining practical business skills with intuitive and emotional prowess, leadership takes on a whole new level for each of us and abundance gets activated. I invite you to rise so you can share your gifts and dreams with the world as you were meant to.


Mastery and Community

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Miami Meet Up



Kattie's workshops at the University of Miami were a huge success. As soon as we marketed her workshops to students, the seats filled up within the hour. It proved to us how much these topics resonated with our students. Kattie presented on "Peopling 101" and "Assertiveness Training for Introverts." Improving communication and working more effectively with others are skills that college students crave, and Kattie was able to work with our organization to customize the topics that would work best for our community. I asked the students upon their exit how they felt the sessions went, and all spoke positively about their experiences.

- Carly Smith, Associate Director University of Miami Toppel Career Center


What I love about Kattie is that her work with introverts and highly sensitive people is about teaching us to live in and from our true power. I’ve heard other people encourage introverts to live in a kind of cocoon, to constantly separate ourselves from the harshness of life – not Kattie. She is a powerful and motivated woman and shows others how to face challenges from a place of inner strength and balance. She shared with me a number of simple and very practical exercises to center and ground myself; I practice these techniques daily and they make a tremendous difference in my quality of life.

- Rebecca, AIGA South Florida Executive Director 


Kattie is an extremely gifted and natural born leader for of a very important segment of the population. She has been to help me, not only understand but embrace my nature as an introvert/sensitive/intuitive, which has helped to empower me in my personal and professional life. How amazing is it to not only see that we all share these common traits, but that we are able to use these gifts to become powerhouses and agents of change in our communities. This is an incredible service that she offers, and I recommend her guidance and workshops to anyone ready to embrace their magic. 

- Erin, Founder Kosmografia Pictures


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